Common Waste

Common Resources


The human body is a super-organism: a conglomeration of cells that, with magnificent collaborative effort, form the possibility of movement, of thought, of human will and action.
Throughout life, the material that makes up our physical selves changes continuously. Matter, alive or dead, enters our bodies, becomes one with our bodies, and leaves our bodies to become one with something else. For more than 300,000 years, humans have lived on Earth following this principle of nutritional exchange between different life forms. That is, until the invention of WASTE.

Waste dictates our (mis)understanding of metabolic flows by design. Today, our current infrastructure of organic waste treatment fails to acknowledge the immense potential for life that is bound within organic matter.

In this transdisciplinary block seminar, we invite MA students from various backgrounds to dive into the primordial soup of the Andreasviertel. Let’s swim around and explore the organic flows around us. How is the neighborhood wrapped up in the metabolic tangle? How do we design the return of our excess organic material to the continued cycle of life, locally?

Employing our wits, senses, and expertise at equal levels, we will reflect on our reality to initiate a process of envisioning and crafting blueprints of possible futures. Together with dwellers, we will read the space anew, and draft tools and methods that fundamentally reconfigure the understanding and treatment of the treasure that we still call WASTE.

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