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    D.I.Y. Paradigm Shift (PIV)

    Master PIV


    Projektintegrierte Vertiefung – will be a part of the studio where you shape and share your accumulated knowledge with others. In addition to your individual or group student projects, which we conventionally produce at the end of each semester, the studio aims to document a collective experience at the group level. The inputs provided through field trips, guest lectures, excursions, discussions, etc., will serve as your main source materials along with the research you produce in the studio. After each presentation in the studio, we will conduct a PiV reflection round focused on unlearning methods, consisting of three sessions. The product format of the PiV will be discussed as a group.
    Team: WM Marta Fernández Guardado / WM Veljko Marković
    Where: A816
    When: Fridays
    First session: 19.04.2024 | 10:00