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    The D-Zone [Studio]

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    Arcadia, here we come. We the freelancers, the yuppies, the dreamers from Berlin looking for the most perfect new setting, outside the city. We will just take our laptops with us, direction: countryside. Place: Lychen, Uckermark – 7 lakes and an old village. Here, some 80 km north of Berlin, the arrival of tourists and city creatives has recently shifted the urban dynamics from shrinking to boom. As the new crowd is joining (at least during the week-ends), conflicts arise: how to control/channel the urban development, currently driven by private forces? How to activate the empty city center for young and old; daily, weekly, monthly, yearly residents; Lycheners and Berliners? How to augment the experience of the landscape – its ecology, its uses, its solidarities – not to forget its performance as pure fantasy (i.e. to augment its profoundly metropolitan nature)? The design studio takes on an open competition, launched by the city of Lychen & the Architektenkammer Brandenburg (Timeframe: 01.04 to 18.07.19, Preisgeld 20.000€). We will look for sharp, bizarre, beautiful proposals for the activation of the city-center of Lychen and some of its landmarks, up the lake(s). Moreover we aim at constituting a collective task-force to reflect on Berlin’s past, current and future borders, to question new urban exile trends and to sustain possibilities of more intense living.