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    Feminist Principles in Housing Design

    The Socialisation of Reproductive Labour


    As a primary locus of social reproduction, housing is increasingly burdened by the crisis of care, shifting responsibility from institutions to private caretakers. This vital but often unpaid and unacknowledged labor has traditionally fallen upon women, and their liberation from the drudgery of it remains a cornerstone for female emancipation. However, within the context of financialised and commodified housing, this work tends to be individualised, isolating both the caregiver and the caretaker.

    This seminar will explore key instances of the collectivisation of reproductive labor and how spatial design in housing can simplify and communalise these processes. The spatial organisation of domestic labor not only reflects our society‘s stance on this work but also holds the potential for its transformation in the light of the rationalisation of both human and non- human resources.

    At the end of the term, we will collaboratively compile a compendium on Housing and Reproduction. This compendium will include selected quotes from
    chosen readings, a collectively edited timeline of feminist practices in housing, as well as insights into contemporary examples. By doing so, we will raise questions about this enduring yet undervalued aspect of everyday housing—one that no architectural program should ever neglect.

    All students who are interested in participating are welcomed to come to the first meeting:

    Monday, 16th of October, 10.00 – 13.00 

    A 806


    LA Ana Filipović

    Image: Movie still from 03-Flats directed by Yuan Bin Lei, concept by Lilian Chee, 2014