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    Competition Entry

    Stadtlandschaft Brandenburg-Berlin 2070 – Vision for a Metropolitan Ecotone

    Exhibitions & Events

    Prof. Sabine Müller / Marcus Kopper, Martin Roth / Prof. Alex Wall / Moritz Maria Karl / Prof. Stefan Tischer
    Friday 11 December 2020 | 5 p.m. | Zoom

    The intergenerational team KopperRoth / SMAQ / Alex Wall / Office MMK / Stefan Tischer Landscape Architecture will present their project “Stadtlandschaft Brandenburg-Berlin 2070 – Vision for a Metropolitan Ecotone” followed by a discussion on the future of metropolitan regions. Their work won the 2nd price in the international urban planning competition Berlin-Brandenburg 2070.


    How can we envision the future of the metropolitan city-region Brandenburg-Berlin at the transition from a fossil-fuel based neo-liberal economy to a future based on ecological principles, social justice, a more diverse economy, a more generous public realm, and more effective collaboration between government and all stakeholders?


    SMAQ Architecture Urbanism Research – Prof. Sabine Müller
    KopperRoth Architektur und Stadtumbau – Marcus Kopper, Martin Roth
    Prof. Alex Wall – Harvard Graduate School of Design
    Office MMK – Moritz Maria Karl
    Stefan Tischer Landscape – Prof. Stefan Tischer

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