MyCity® [Seminar]

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First session: Wednesday April 14th, 2021 | 3 pm | Zoom

The image you see here is taken from the book: A Vision of Britain: A Personal View of Architecture (1989), written by Charles, Prince of Wales. The page is a full bleed image taken from an 18th century oil painting of London by Canaletto, covered by the consecutive page; a semi-transparent image of a modern London from the 1990s. With this literal covering of a romantic painting with a contemporary image, Prince Charles is making an argument, or even a critique on modern architecture. He later published ten key principals on how to build cities in the future, which he then managed to apply in the building of his own town know as Poundbury.

In history, Prince Charles isn’t the only individual in a position of power to express an idea about how the future urban environment should look. Several public figures: members of royal families, successful businessmen, entrepreneurs or popular artists, have at the peak of their success, fame, admiration and power proposed future visions of cities. To design a city is in this vein also to project ideas about how its citizens’ everyday life should be lived.

The seminar MyCity® will explore the relationship between a) media, as a crucial tool that mediates influence of the individual and influence of the mass; b) that individual itself, and c) the vision of the urban environment – an imaginary or real place that synthesizes persona spacial ideas that triggered collective imagination.

Today, we live in a society that lets common future visions diminish, while a growing number of wealthy individuals with certain ambitions are free to use their influence and imagination in politics that are supposed to govern the many.

Can My City be also everyone’s City?

Participants: max. 32

4 SWS – 6 ECTS

Quisposnumber: 2347243

Please register via ISIS, before the first session

Team: Veljko Markovic, LA Frederik Springer