Spatial Commons (12.1) - Gemeingut in der Peripherie [PiV]

Methodological Dialogues Between Brazil and Germany: Collaborative Experiences


First session: Friday 23rd April, 2021 | 10am | ISIS/Zoom

The PiV for the Studio ‘Spatial Commons (12) – Gemeingut in der Peripherie – NHSH unterm Radar’ will be conducted by Brazilian architects and urbanists Dr. Claudia Seldin (Center for Metropolitan Studies – TU Berlin) and Dr. Juliana Canedo (Habitat Unit/International Urbanism and Design Chair – TU Berlin).

In three online sessions we will focus on the theoretical background and methodological approaches to community-driven planning with the goal to create a “tool box” of methods for collaborative design.

The questions of what is community design, how it can be developed and how to integrate it with architecture and urban planning processes are the main points to be addressed. By exploring case studies from Brazil and Germany and their different methods and tools, the PiV intends to bring and exchange knowledge on the topics off the right to the city, insurgent planning and subaltern urbanism through specific literature, lectures, debates, and practical exercises.

Participants: 17 Städtebau I + 3 Städtebau II

2 SWS – 3 ECTS

The PiV is held in English and online. It is obligatory for the participants of the studio.