Tiergarten - This Obscure Object of Desire 2 [Studio]

Excursion in Tiergarten with Angela von Lührte – The Virgin Forest in the Historical Park


During World War II and especially in 1946 and 1947 many of the trees in Tiergarten were cut for firewood. Only 700 survived of the 200.000 original trees. The remaining trees stand out as impressive features of the forest and witnesses of a different time. They host a large number of animals, many of them endangered. With this expedition through the Tiergarten Dr. von Lührte will show a selection of these old trees, explaining their role in the history of Tiergarten and their vital ecological relevance.

Dr. Angela von Lührte is biologist with a concentration on forest ecology, dendroecology and nature conservation planning. Dr. von Lührte a working member of the organizations “STADT”- Naturschutz and Wald BUND Berlin, and is one of the founders of AG Biotopholz.