Tiergarten - This Obscure Object of Desire 2 [Studio]

Excursion in Tiergarten with Derk Ehlert – Wild Animals in Tiergarten


Berlin is rich in nature. With more than 20.000 kind of animals and plants Berlin is one of the most rich cities in the world in terms of biodiversity, the only real currency of our otherwise bankrupt future. Many wild animals reside in the thick forest of Tiergarten, especially rare birds, howls, falcons, buzzard-eagles, and newcomers such as turtles, Canadian geese, Mandarine ducks, and many others.

Derk Ehlert is the wild-animal speaker of the Land of Berlin, at the Department of Environmental Management and Development of the Berlin Senate. He is an ornithologist and studied urban and landscape planning. He also works for the landscape program of the Biotope Network of Berlin.