Tiergarten - This Obscure Object of Desire 2 [Studio]

Final Review


Tiergarten is an artifact grown out of all the histories of Berlin: floodplain of the glacial valley, wetland, royal hunting game, forest with carved Baroque rooms, landscape park, stage for nazi parades, battlefield of II World War, firewood and farming land in post-war state of emergency, replanted and reconstructed in the 1950s. Fenced in by a Kurfürst at first for his private pleasure, later unfenced for public enjoyment, and perhaps fenced again in the future for protection and control of the masses of the Festmeile ever increasing public events.

It reconciles many worlds at once: A model prototype for a city where life is thriving, rich in species, evoking the unusual ethics and esthetics of Sublime, Horrific and Rococo decay. Tiergarten is inclusive, beautiful and messy, interpretable in use and generous in sharing. Tiergarten is an oracle of future that might be, will ever be, might never be. A promise of lichens and moss in the midst of burnt hydrocarbons.

This Teaching-Research-Studio, continuing the analytic and cartographic work of the Summer Semester 2013 Seminar, mapped historical and current layers of human, animal, mineral and floral nature in Tiergarten.