Spatial Commons (15) - Berlin, where do we stand?

Interventionist core drillings on current „common good-oriented“ urban development.


The studio is conceptualized as an urban design study on the status of Berlin‘s new development in 2022. The mission of the studio „Berlin, where do we stand?“ is to convey the range of tasks and planning tools in the field of urban design on the basis of different current urban development projects in Berlin. These tools are scrutinized with regard to their meaningfulness for an urban development in the interest of the common good.

In cooperation between the Department of Urban Development UdK, the Department of Building Economics University of Kassel and the CUD of the TU Berlin, we will investigate three case studies in Berlin and conduct urban design, programmatic as well as systemic scenarios with different actors of Berlin urban development on new housing projects.

The three case studies differ in terms of their location within Berlin (center, ring, periphery), their planning statuses, ownership structures and the role of the respective cooperation partners in the planning process. On the basis of these examples, we would like to discuss the aims, conflicts, agencies as well as the tools for implementing and permanently safeguarding a common good oriented reproduction of the city. What room for maneuver does the design have? What are levers for spatial, systemic and programmatic parameters and what planning and design tools are available to implement them?

In joint discussion formats between the university, the administration and intermediary planners, the potentials and limits of the individual tools are to be discussed.

Cooperation partners:  Bezirksamt Berlin Mitte, Bezirksamt Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg & LokalBau, Bezirksamt Lichtenberg & superwien.

Team CUD: Prof. Jörg Stollmann, Anna Heilgemeir, Julia Köpper

First session: 13.10. 10h A053

Introduction: 13.10. 14h Online


Meeting-ID: 662 5269 9176
Kenncode: 819750

Enrollment: MOSES Modul #60778 Urban Design Studio