Schöner Schöneberg? Common space for urban scenes, collectives and people in need



The diversity of Berlin-Schöneberg is not only reflected in the people that occupy its streets but also in its architecture: complex images of today’s neighborhood is characterised by fragmented “Berlin Block” into different typologies, creating spaces that are occupied by different types of communities, collectives and overlapping scenes. While the area is currently under tremendous changes due to new developments, in the studio “Schöner Schönberg” we will investigate how this found diversity can be used and considered for the future planning of the common spacers.
The starting point for our studio is the previously initiated idea to design three neighborhood centers in the central area of Schöneberg-Nord, projects that are currently pending for several reasons. We will continue this idea, with the approach of developing projects with existing human and material resources. We will work on the side with existing communities and civil society organisations while working with existing building structures and renewable materials.

Schöner Schöneberg is a collaborative studio between the chairs CUD and NBL with integrated and cooperative design studios Städtebau I (CUD) and Hochbau I (NBL). The discussion about a community design center at the IfA will be further developed and discussed here. Studio is thought in English with the necessary knowledge of German.

Prof. Jörg Stollmann | Eike Roswag-Klinge
WM Veljko Markovic | Anna Heilgemeir | Matthew Crabbe | Nina Pawlicki