Hyrdopolitical (Hi)stories: Keeping Tracks

Master PIV


This PiV is part of the studio “Hydropolitical (Hi)stories: Redrawing Berlin-Brandenburg’s Acquifer.” You are invited to collect and record your thoughts, lines, flows, marks and journeys through and around Berlin-Brandenburg’s groundwater system in a personal research diary. Start your arts of noticing, tune in to the human and non-hu­man voices you encounter on your field visits. Find ways of capturing ghostly presences and watery absences. Keep track of your tracks, and other tracks, too. Correspond, relate, reflect. Think about how to use your personal emotions and reflections as ethnographic data. Think about how to use coincidences, chance and ambiguity in your final aquifer re/drawing. Think, write, sketch and hand it in as a stran­ge and beautiful artefact.

Team: WM Jamie-Scott Baxter / LA Felix Xylander-Swannell

When: tba

Where: A816

First session: tba