Beyond the family: Non-normative housing practices

Master seminar


Since its inception, collective housing has been predominantly tailored to accommodate the nuclear family as the primary household unit. Even in the present day, speculative and commodified housing, aimed at an unspecified user, remains tailored with the family in focus, serving as the predominant living arrangement sought after by conservative and affluent renters or buyers. However, the reality in Berlin is quite different: over half of all households are single≠person households, with another 30 percent consisting of two individuals. This highlights a variety of living arrangements beyond the nuclear family that must be considered when thinking and designing housing.

This seminar will look into non≠normative housing practices in Berlin and map their diversity and spatial characteristics. We will explore various forms of emancipatory, queer feminist housing that diverge from the capitalist, patriarchal, and normative models. Together, we will map out these practices and their strategies to ensure equitable access to suitable housing for everyone who does not conform to conventional norms. Additionally, individual groups will focus on examining a specific example in greater detail. By the end of the semester, we will collaboratively assemble a compendium on non≠normative housing arrangements, thereby increasing visibility for these practices and emphasising the importance of including them in future urban planning and architecture typology development.

Team: LA Ana Filipović Mecke

When: Monday | 10:00-14:00

Where: A816

First session: 15.04.2024 | 10.00 Uhr