Hyrdopolitical (Hi)stories: Redrawing Berlin- Brandenburg’s Aquifer

Master Studio


The studio aims to collectively research and redraw Berlin Brandenburg’s aquifer paying close attention to the hydro political (hi)stories animating it. Typically, techno-scientifi representations tend to visualize the aquifer as inert rockmaterial permeated by groundwater and dislocated from the urban processes above. Our objective is to redesign the ways in which the aquifer as a multitude of vibrant more-than-human matters is made visible and encountered. We do this by reconstructing the specific political pressures that surge water unevenly through urbanized stratifications. 0ur motivation: to provide new artefacts, concepts and figure- grounds for a more critical spatial design praxis. Engaging multiple spatial and temporal scales, the stu­dio follows a single assignment to rethink and redesign the aquifer. Working in small 9Iroups across four Berlin­Brandenburg sites, you will ex:cavate the sites· specific hydrosocial histories using multimodal methods including, spacetime drawing, hybrid mapping and ethnographic field­work. Methods will be taught through onsite workshops and an optional lecture series (SPACETIME MATTERS). During the course you are encouraged to keep a research diary to critically reflect on your learnings. Submission will include your diaries and short individual reflexive texts IPiV), group portfolios and a singular collective redrawing of the aquifer. logy development.

Team: WM Jamie-Scott Baxter / LA Felix Xylander-Swannell

When: Thrusday and/or Friday | 09:00 – 18:00

Where: A816

First session: 18.04.2024 | 10:00