The Peripheral Dialogues

Studio brief


“Città diffusa“, “Zwischenstadt”, “Plankton City”…
As the discourse on the urban periphery grows – its charms and mysteries being more and more discussed, examined, partially disclosed, Berlin remains a very specific case. In a city that through the Wall-division multiplied border situations as well as reinforced its already strong, historically developed centers, the housing question applied to the so-called “Außenstadt” requires specific and subtle answers – ones that are rooted in Berlin’s multilayered/multi-centered reality. Where does Berlin’s periphery start and where does it end? What specific features does it entail (i.e. textures, sporadic events, lifestyles etc.)? Is there anything to learn from other cities, regarding typologies and the overall performance?
The urban design studio will examine models to comprehend and transform a wide range of peripheral urban situations in Berlin – from East to West, North to South, throughout lakes, forests, highways, single family homes, Großsiedlungen… Landscape will be a preferred lens to observe and a favored medium to operate. The building of controversies as well as prolonged on-site immersion will complement this wide investigation on still overlooked, but nonetheless decent, in their own way powerful, urban realities.

In collaboration with “No Image” (D. Bauer, S. Weindauer, A-M. Yuste)

Excursion to Paris during the first half of the semester.